Elizabeth, Monday July 13th

Monday’s WOD:
21 Squat Clean (SC) – 135lb/ 95lb
21 Ring Dips (RD)
15 SC
15 RD
9 SC
9 RD

Standards for Rx’d:
-Squat cleans must have hips below knee at bottom. Must come to full knee and hip extension prior to letting bar fall from shoulders.
-Ring dips: shoulders below elbows at bottom, elbows FULLY locked out at top

Scaling options:
-Power clean or reduce weight
-Jumping ring dips or:
-place a purple or blue pullup assist band between rings. Grip the band on each ring and stand on one part of the band (making a triangle).

I’m typing this blog from the hotel computer in CA. We leave tomorrow morning after one of the most exciting and emotional weekends we can remember. This was an experience that words cannot fully describe. I’ll type just a little bit here to fill you in on the results, but we’ll have a full-length video and pictures to follow.
The CFHR Affiliate Team finished in 64th place out of 96 overall. It was a humbling but amazing experience. Robby, Bryan, Ben, Courtney and Kristin put in incredible performances that propelled us ahead of many reputable and strong teams. We will DEFINITELY be back next year with a team.
Nicole finished 49th overall. She is overwhelmingly happy with her performance. She place very well (top 20) in the grueling 5.1NM “trail” run. I say “trail” because that is putting it lightly. Much of it involved scrambling up hills on all fours and grabbing shrubs to keep from falling down, then sliding down a hill. It also involved running the dreaded “Ranch” hill THREE TIMES!!!. She struggled a bit in the deadlift and pushed hard through a rediculously tough sandbag hill run. The 4th WOD was Row 500m, hammering a 3 foot metal stake into evenly compacted dirt with an 8 lb sledgehammer. To set the stake in the dirt, the athletes had to tap it in by holding the 8lb hammer near the head. After about 15 hits, Nicole caught her index finger on the head of the stake. She cut it and lost feeling. After a few more hits and a flurry of cuses, Nicole hit her middle finger, splitting the nail and losing feeling it it too. In excrutiating and visible pain, dripping blood, Nicole continued hammering the stake in then finished the second row (minus the use of 2 fingers on her right hand) to beat 14 of the 18 girls in her heat!!!! Her finish qualified her to continue to the 5th and final wod for day 1. Absolutely inspirational and amazing. We rushed her to the hospital for X-rays. For 2 hours we were positive her fingers were broken and the games were over for her. However, the doctor, in utter shock, walked in and said that there were no breaks. She took painkillers, got a tetanus shot cleaned the wounds. We rushed out the door with the discharge paper work and sped back to the Ranch. We got back with about 15 minutes to spare. She walked out to the stadium to loud cheers and shock from Dave Castro (the event coordinator who didn’t expect her to return). Nicole pushed hard in the final WOD, but like many did not finish it (3 rounds of 30 wallball to a 10′ target and 30 hang squat snatch with a 20 minute time limit). She got it all but the last set of snatches. Her determination, pride, endurance and mental focus never cease to amaze me. I am so proud of her. We’ll get pictures and video out as soon as we can.
We get back late tomorrow and will be in for classes starting Tuesday. We’ve missed you all, but we’re ready to get back to the heart of CFHR which is all of you–our athletes and friends.

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