Et Tu Brute? Screw the Ides of March, Beware Agave Nectar. Mon March 15th

Next weekend, Jez and Nicki are getting married! A truly dedicated couple, their commitment to each other, their health, and the health of their patients is phenomenal. These 2 workout Mon, Wed, Fri and have hardly missed a day. Their wise and tempered approach to Fitness is priming them for a long and healthy life together. Today’s WOD was created by OPT and named after his wife…another fit and committed husband/wife team. This WOD’s for you guys!

Weekly Warmup:
2 rounds of:
  10 Overhead Squats (empty Bar)
  10 Empty Bar Good Mornings
  10 Ring Dips
  10 Pullups
  10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

CrossFit WOD:

OPT’s “Leighanne”
Every minute, on the minute, for 10 rounds:
2 reps of power clean and jerk (175/120)
6 Dumbbell/Kettlebell Swings – HEAVY!

rest as required, then, on your own outside:

Run 1 minute at 65% speed
Walk 1 minute
Run 2 minutes at 75% speed
Walk 2 minutes
Run 3 minutes at 90% speed


Skills: Med Ball Deadlift, L-Sit progressions, Rope Get-Up from ground/Rope Climb,
WOD: 8, 7, 6…..1 of:
Med Ball Deadlift
L-Sit (number = seconds of cumulative hold)
Rope Getups

Fit-To-Be-Bare is COMPLETE!!!  The after photos have been taken, and the last food logs are coming in.  Official judging begins next week.  We’ll be asking permission from the top 5 guys and gals to post make their before and after pix public.  Let me say…there are have been some AMAZING transformations over the past 9 weeks;  the competition will be tight.
The End of FTBB Blowout celebration is next Saturday (March 20th), 7:30pm at Espeto na Brasa in Norfolk.  It is a Brazillian chahauseria (steak house).  If you’ve never been to one, you’ve gotta check it out.  It’s a Paleo Paradise!!  Nonstop meat of all varieties brought to your table all night.  Everyone is invited.  Please vote on the poll (right side of blog) by Thursday so we can make reservations.  Jim K is organizing this event (thank you Jim)
Agave Nectar is all natural….but as Robb Wolf will quip, “so is plutonium.” CrossFit Balboa digs deep on Agave Nectar.
The danger is in the Fructose.  Anyone remember the “High Fructose Corn Syrup is all natural and safe in moderation” adds?  Checkout this.

Stunning. Notice: landing on ball of feet directly under body then lifting up (no long drag of foot on ground), forward lean but no bend in torso, relaxed upper body. So fast…so efficient…why should it be much different for longer, slower distances. The answer is that it shouldn’t be (other than the relative intensity and speed).

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