Fat is Back, Why Static Hangs and A Little Wed Oly. Wed, Dec 22d

 Fit To Be Bare 2011 Rules and Explanation will be posted tomorrow night (Wed).

Jerk Setup:  On the Left, notice elbows directly beneath/behind the bar.  The entire load is on his wrists and elbows.  Any energy developed by the hips must go through his arms to get transferred to the bar.  On the right, elbows in front of the bar, grip relaxed, the load is high on this shoulders.  Now, energy from his dip drive gets transferred directly to the bar.
Group Warmup
3 rounds of the following:
  • 1 minute active shoulder mobility (use the band but don’t be static), mix twisting and pulling movements
  • 5 strict pullups (or static hang/negative scaling methods from last week…no bands allowed for pulling UP) -read below for why we’re doing this
  • 5 strict pushups:  3 seconds down, no pause at bottom, explode up.  Use bumpers on your back to weight them down if you already have non-scaled pushups.
  • 5 Empty Bar Split Jerks

Split Jerk:
5 @ 60%
3 @ 70%
2 @ 80%
1 @ 90%
1 @ 95%
1 @ 101+%

Checkout this 10 min video showing the heavyweights from the Sydney Olympics.  Great slow-mos and review videos of the Split Jerks.  Notice how short and fast they dip and drive.  Tall torso, fast under the bar.


 OK, so why the static holds and negative pullup during the warmups?  Well, bottom line is:  progression and injury prevention.  The kipping pullup is an absolutely phenomenal athletic skill that demands coordination, strength, hip drive, and hi-levels of work capacity.  But if a person is unable to pull themselves up to the bar, their shoulder structure is most likely not prepared for the repeated hi-loads caused by kipping pullups;  the risk is injuring the shoulder by kipping prior to having the shoulder and back structure to support it.  The bands are an OK tool, but they are a slower path to building the proper movement patterns demanded in a pullup.  And often, people are too anxious to get the “reps” in, so they start kipping on the band which slows their muscular progression even more. We need strong scapular retraction to get out of the bottom, and that’s hard to force with a band.  The progression of static hangs, then negatives, then weighted negatives then strict pullups is a quick path to developing the strong shoulder and back support to handle the load of kipping.   And guess what…the strong shoulder and scapular support you’re building will help with your overhead work too (i.e. split jerk, OHS, shoulder press, HSPU, etc.)


Another great review from Stephan at Whole Health Source Blog.
My favorite quote is his suggested wording for the authors’ summary:

“Our findings support eating as much butter as possible****. Don’t waste your money on low-fat cream, either (half-n-half). We’re sorry that public health authorities have spent 30 years telling you to eat low-fat dairy when most studies are actually more consistent with the idea that dairy fat reduces the risk obesity and chronic disease.”

When reading this, remember that Dr. Cordain has shown that the source of the dairy fat makes a difference too:  i.e. was it grain or grass-fed.

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