Feeling A Little Randy?..Monday December 6

CFHR Nutrition 101 Episode 3. Only 10 minutes, less technical, more meaningful. Keep the feedback and questions coming!

Group Warmup´╗┐

Row 5 mins
last 10 secs of each min is a sprint
Push Press
rest 5 mins
75 Power Snatches (75/55)

Level 1: 45 Power Snatches scaled as necessary

*Here’s another benchmark workout for the board
Standards to compete for top spots on board:
-Must take bar from ground to overhead completely locked out
-Must stand with fully extended hips before lowering the bar back down
-Don’t short the numbers.. do all 75!
Core to Extremity Violation

CFHR HOLIDAY PARTY SAT DEC 18th!!!  Details in the Announcements section to the left.
Tonight, Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Hampton Roads is officially open for business.  We’re so honored to have Ben and Heidi so close.  Remember they’ve got INCREDIBLE offers for CFHR athletes.  I’m ready for a new sport and this is it!  Also, our Combat Athlete Conditioning course starts this Tuesday at 7pm.  For more details, checkout our Specialty Courses links at the top and left of the page.

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