Find Local Farmer’s Markets…and why YOU are a piece of corn. Tue, Feb 23nd

CrossFit WOD:
Front Squat 1 RM
  Thorough Warmup starting with empty bar and building, then:
   1 @ 75%
   1  @85%
   1 @ 90%
   1 @ 95%
   1 @ 101%

Rest, then, for time:

  Row 500m at your preferred Damper
  21-15-9 of Pullups and Burpees
  Row 500m at Damper 1

As spring approaches, it’s time to start looking at sources of locally produced foods.  Polyface is getting back into full swing and Farmer’s markets are starting up again in a couple of months.  Here is a GREAT resource for finding local farmer’s markets…i’ve even narrowed the search for you.  Buy seasonal, buy local.  Wanna know why?  Start with This and This.


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