Fit To Be Bare Winners!!! Friday March 19th

Grand Prize Winners (each receive 1/2 the pot)
Men:  Jez C.
Women:  Katie J.
Second Place (receive 1 month classes free and 1 bottle of OPT VMG)
Men:  Jim K.
Women: Jen W.
Third Place (receive 1 bottle of OPT VMG)
Men: Scott G.
Women: Nancy P.
Honorable Mention
Men: Joe (THUNDER)
Women: Kathleen G.
Photos will be posted next week.  We first need to attain permission from the winners to post the photos.  As a reminder, judging was based primarily on the before and after photos looking for full body comosition change and definition changes.  If there was a tie (and there were a few), then we reverted to the food logs (were they submitted, and if so, what was the quality of nutrition as compared to the academics and guidance provided).  I hope we get permission from the winners to post the photos.  The changes are absolutely phenomenal.  Every participant walked away with a better understanding of how food affects them.  For those participants that stuck with it for 9 weeks, there were clear body composition shifts in the photos.  The FTBB community online was tight and supportive.  I can’t wait for our next FTBB (expect it this Fall).
CrossFit WOD:

Starting in Heats of 5, separated by 3 minutes:
With a 3 minute repeat timer set on the clock execute the following for max points:

Event 1: Row – 3 minutes – max calories (1 calorie = 1 point)
3 min rest
Event 2: Deadlift (275#/185#) – 3 minutes – max reps (1 rep =1 point)
3 min rest
Event 3: L-sit – accumulate as many seconds as possible in 3 minutes (1 sec = 1 point)
3 min rest
Event 4: Overhead Squat (95#/65#) – 3 minutes – max reps (1 rep = 1 point)
3 min rest
Event 5: Pushups – one max effort of reps without pausing anywhere during pushups .  Must start pushups immediately at end of previous 3 minute rest period. (1 rep = 1 point)

Deadlift:  full hip extension at top.  No dropping the bar.
L-sit:  Feet do not need to be above hips, just off the ground.  Legs must be straight (knees locked out).  For RX’d, legs cannot be crossed or bent.
OHS: Crease of hips below knee (get below parallel).  Stand up fully at top (hips fully open).  No bend in elbows allowed.
Pushups: chest and hips to the deck simultaneously.

Same WOD but following changes:
   -1 minute intervals of work with 2 minutes of rest
   -Deadlift is 135/95 lbs
   -OHS is (65/35)

The first heats will consist of the “Less than 4 month” group.  The clock is still set for 3 minutes.  They will stop working after one minute, rest for the remaining 2, then start the next exercise at the next “beep.”

“Strange evolution when people have come to believe that we are its greatest dillusion.  Be wary we’re just a collection of cells, overrating themselves.  We’re avoiding the truth.”
-Dave Matthews



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