Fri, January 8th

CrossFit and CrossFit TAKEOFF:

Skill Test day.

First, READ THIS. This is from CrossFit Seattle. They created the skill level chart we are using. This is a GREAT explanation of the reasoning and methodology behind this. From this page you can see descriptions of each skill level.

This is our first Skill Test Friday. Each Athlete will pick a skill level to start testing. You must complete ALL elements in one skill level before progressing to the next. This is a LONG-TERM endeavor. For max efforts, named WODs and 2K rows, we will allow you to use your whiteboard posted numbers to validate. You can test as many skills as you’d like, but a test effort must be witnessed by a trainer.

There is a stack of skill sheets on top of the file cabinet. Pick the appropriate color sheet, put your name on it, then pick a skill to start. At the end of the day, file your sheet in the cabinet labelled “Skill Sheets.” It is alphabetized with top drawer A-K, and second drawer L-Z.

Once you complete all elements in a skill level, you will place a colored dot next to your name on the whiteboard (the white skill level has yellow dots…sorry, no one sells small white dots.).

For the White Skill Level, if a weight is not listed, the trainer will help you find an appropriate weight to start.


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