Friday, Jan 14th


The CrossFit Games competition season is coming this Spring!  The format is a bit different this year.  To qualify as a team, we need individual competitors in the Sectionals.  The sectionals will be held at individual boxes (we’ll most likely be one of them). 

SATURDAY, FEB 19th, from 8am-12pm, we’re hosting a practice Sectional at CFHR.  Call it a scrimmage.  We’ll be inviting all local CrossFit boxes.  Anyone thinking of competing in Sectionals should strongly consider competing in this practice.  We also encourage any athlete who wants an intense challenge to consider competing.  There is no cost for this.  We’ll have heats for all skill levels and a Masters division (40+).

A CrossFit competition is an exciting, fun and intense experience for both the athletes and the crowd.  CF events are always a gathering of those interested in challenging themselves and supporting others. Even if you are not competing, we encourage you to come out and cheer on the athletes.

3 rounds of Cindy:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats
Deadlift  (85% 1RM)
1 min between sets
Try to control the down movement, don’t drop from the top
work on a “goat”
double unders
Muscle ups
whatever it is that you think you could use practice on.  No lifts please.

So, we’re approaching the halfway point of FTBB.  The banter and support on the Google Groups is strong.  As you look back on the first two weeks of this potentially life-changing experience, and you look forward to the next two weeks (or maybe the rest of your life), ask youself a few questions, and please post your answers/thoughts about your FTBB experience to the comments section:

  • What have you learned about yourself?
  • Are you more aware of how certain foods affect you (physically/mentally?)
  • Are you more aware of how you are influenced in your food choices?
  • Has acquiring and preparing healthy meals become easier?
  • How do you feel?
  • How are you performing?

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