Front Squat M.E. Wed 6 May

Wednesday’s WOD:


This is a max effort day.  Take 2-3 minutes between sets.
Warm up your front squat with light weight for 3-4 sets of 5 before starting your 1st set of working weight.  The first set of working weight should be around 7o% of your target final weight.

Corey had a BIG night on Tuesday. 2 months ago, Corey was using the black band for pullups. Tonight, for the 100 pullup WOD, Corey did 70 of his 100 without a band, then finished w/ the purple band. Holy Crap! That is a HUGE jump in a short time. Way to go Corey!
I know there were some torn up hands yesterday.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but here are some measures you can take to limit the tears and to treat them when they happen.:
1.  Use only enough chalk to prevent slipping.  Too much will contribute to tears
2.  Use a pumice stone or callus rasp (< $10 at Wal Mart) on your calluses.  You want calluses, but you want them flat (not raised from your skin)
3.  We’re going to purchase a few of these to see how people like them. 
The deadline is getting near for the Biggest Loser competition. By May 15th you must have your Scan complete and your team formed or declare single person team status.
A new twist!!!  Starting in June, we’ll have 1 WOD per month that can earn your team point towards your total score.  The WODs will span the spectrum of physical skills (some heavy Max Efforts, some body weight WODs, and some mixed metcon). Top 3 male and female teams earn points (1 pt for first place, .5pt for 2nd, .25 pt for 3rd).  That’s a lot of points when you consider the baseline for points is body fat and lean mass percentage change.
This Sunday, Gabi and Mike L. are hosting a CFHR BBQ at there home.  Address, time and details are on the right side of this blog under Social Events.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.  NO BURPEES AT THE BBQ.
A little known fact of nature:  when left to their own accord, coats will reproduce.  If you’re missing a coat, fleece or random sundry  outer garment, there’s a high likelihood that it’s on the coat rack at CFHR.  Please claim your clothes!

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