Fructose is the Devil! Tue, March 16th

CrossFit WOD:

3 @ 70% 1RM
3 @ 75% 1RM
3 @ 85% 1RM
3 @ 90% 1RM
3 @ 95% 1RM


For time:
80 Sandbag Getups (40 left shoulder/ 40 right shoulder)
Doesn’t matter how you split them up, but by the 80th rep, you need equal amounts on both sides.
Guys use 60lbs. Ladies use 20lbs
(scale by putting the appropriate number of 20# sandbags into the available sacks)
Both shoulder blades must touch ground at the bottom. Full knee and hip extension at the top prior to coming back down.
Thank you Rob from Mountain Athlete for the photo progression.


In keeping with the Fructose theme from yesterday, this is a 1.5 hour video that i’ve posted before. It is a MUST watch.


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