FTBB Photos! Mon Mar 22d

YOUR Fit To Be Bare Winners!!! Jez and Katie
Click the images to enlarge them.

Remember, this was only 9 weeks.  Amazing transformations!
Also, congrats to Jez and Nikki who got married this past Saturday!

Weekly Warmup
Monday, Wed, Fri:  1/2 Tabata Row (4 intervals instead of 8).  Scale each interval to increase gradually so your last interval is at 90% effort
Tuesday, Thursday:  Execute the following on the minute for 7 minutes: 3 squats, 4 spiderman pushups, 10 mountain climbers (each leg counts as 1)
CrossFit WOD:
Over 4 months CF Experience (level 2)
How many rounds of the following can you complete in 20 minutes?:
  3 Tire Clean (new smaller tires, not Bertha)
  3 jumps in and out of tire
  3 pushups with feet on tire
Less than 4 months CF Experience (level 1)
How many rounds of the following can you complete in 15 minutes?
  3 x 40 lb Sandbag clean (1 40lb bag or 2 x 20lb in a sack)
  3 box jumps
  3 pushups
Cleans can be power clean.  Grip as desired.  Tire must lay down completely with the hole facing up between each clean
For the jump in and out of the tire, each “rep” is actually 2 jumps (one into the tire, the other out)
A very special thanks to Josh A. (aka “Rambo”) for bringing in the 14 tires.  Very soon we’ll be using these for sled drags too.
We are now accepting athletes for the next TAKEOFF session (runs MAY 3rd through Jun 1st).
Why we teach “ditching” in TAKEOFF.  Thank you CF Balboa for the link:


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