G – Tue 24 Mar– CrossFit Works — 1/2 Marathon PR With 20% of the Training Mileage

Tuesday’s WOD:

Ring Dips

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Just got this e-mail from one of CFHR’s athletes, Meegs.  He finished the VA Beach Shamrock 1/2 Marathon yesterday with a new PR.  Read his thoughts below on going “all-in” and training for a 1/2 Marathon using CrossFit.  Good stuff!

Where to start – I guess it would be Nov of ’08 – that’s when I started to Crossfit. I was hooked – the model, the method, and the total open architecture and the fact it was based on common sense. I also dove into the nutrition aspect – I went from the ‘Standard American Diet’ to Paleo in one day – clean sweep – and I immediately saw results.

Little background – I am not really gifted when it comes to sport but I have one thing that has gotten me a few trophies – my ability to suffer. If it hurts I don’t really care – which is particularly useful in bike racing and triathlons – of which I was heavily into before Crossfit (for the record I am still into them…). Both of these require large time commitments – long rides (5+ hours on the bike) and big run mileage when training for longer distance events like a Half Ironman (1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of biking, followed by a half marathon 13.1 miles) – not to mention time in the pool. I would also throw in the occasional half marathon, 10K, 5K etc. for some pain/fun/training. I worked really hard in an attempt to make the AF triathlon team but the swim would kick my tail – so I worked at that but never got fast enough – I got close… about 2 minutes shy of making the team out of a 2+ hour race – but those are two tough minutes to get. To top it off I have a family – and priorities – triathlon, biking, and running are not number 1,2, or 3 – they are WELL behind kids 1,2,3 and the rest of ‘Life’ – like keeping a great marriage / family life going.

So back to Oct ’08 – before I started Crosfitting I signed up for the Shamrock ½ Marathon – love that race and set my PR there 2 years ago of 1:37:48 – albeit it was a sort of fast ‘training run’ while trying to make the AF Tri team – but it remained my PR for 2 years.

Enter Crossfit – the model fit perfect for my job – I did not have time to dedicate to the Long Slow Distance (LSD) runs that are the foundation of many training regimens. But I did have the time to crank out a Fran or an AMRAP for 12-15 minutes and be left on the verge of hypoxia and rhabdomyolysis – and I loved it because that is my one gift – the ability to suffer – I love the intensity of Crossfit.

About 3 months ago I got an email from the race director of the Shamrock ½ Marathon – “Only 3 months left you should be into some of your longer runs by now…” and then the advertisement to “…eat healthy carbs and foods at McDonalds…” – DON”T even get me going on that line of crap – McDonalds…YGBSM! I thought.. “I am WAY behind” – the last running I did was 10x100m sprints in front of the CF-HR gym – I was thinking I don’t know if I can get there from here and maybe I should skip the run – but I had thrown the coin down to run….

So I decided to go All-IN on Crossfit and the Paleo Diet for this upcoming ½ Marathon – 2 months out is when I would start with the following plan.

– Crossfit 4-5 times a week
– Long run once a week on Sunday
– No carb loading / pasta meals etc…

That’s it – if we ran at the Box – I ran – if not then so be it. Trust me there was a level of concern that I was not ‘putting in the LSD mileage’ to do this… So in all for my prep I ran 7 days totaling 49.4 miles on Sundays – and at the Box since we did Murph and a 400/800/1200/800/400m ladder (total around 5.5 miles) the grand total is 54.9 miles. To put this in context I looked on line at several ½ Marathon training plans which ranged from about 200 to 240+ miles – so in all I did about ~20% of the mileage they recommend. Yes, I did Crossfit as well – which is a time commitment – but nothing like 12 mile runs or the 5 miles runs during the week and I was training in all domains.

Fast forward to today – race day 22 Mar 2009. At the start line I had a ton of thoughts – am I going to get smoked, will I finish – I knew I would finish because I can suffer, but can I set a PR? Who knows – but then the gun went off and I was about to find out. First mile was fine nothing crazy – just getting my ‘legs’ underneath me. Quickly I settled into around a 7:20ish pace, comfortable but I really did not know if I could hold it for 90+ minutes – would I have the aerobic capacity, would I have the hip/leg strength to do that…dunno. Mile 2 – thoughts began to wander to 2 miles – that is what I did for Murph – and I am reading ‘Lone Survivor’ right now – those guys can suffer. If they can ruck and fight for days out of the Hindu Kush Mountains, wounded – I can run for 90+ minutes on flat pavement with a water stop nearly every mile. Next thing I know its mile 6 – no sign of slowing and I feel good so I start to push the pace up about 10sec per mile…mile 9 push it up another 10 sec/mile…mile 10 – only a 5K left – hell you can do anything in the world for 20 minutes. The last mile was at 6:39 – which got me across the finish line with a new PR of 1:34:36 – besting my old time by more than 3 minutes!!!

The CF model works – I had the cardio and the leg, I had the Hip Flexor/Core/ and Tendon strength to set the PR – and I did it without metabolically jacking my system with high carb diets. And 2 weeks prior to the race I set PRs in Deadlift, Front Squat, back squat, and Power Clean. Crossfit works.

So the tag line – I ran 20% of the recommend mileage and set a new PR in the Half Marathon – yes I know it’s not blistering fast, yes I got beat by a bunch of ladies – even ladies that are older than me – but can they do Murph like a Crossfitter – maybe, can they do Fight Gone Bad, dunno – but I would throw out some serious cash on bets against them to be able to throw down on those and take on the Half Mary – hopefully they will – and ya know what…they will get faster!

Increase your capacity over many domains.


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