G – Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Wednesday’s WOD:

“pullups on the minute”

Start the clock.  Execute 1 pullup immediately.  When the clock hits 1 minute, do 2 pullups.  When the clock hits 2 minutes, do 3 pullups.  Continue until you cannot finish the required amount of pullups within the minute.  You can break up the pullups within the minute, but you  must finish them
 all within the minute.  

If you don’t reach 10 minutes, then continue doing sets every 2 minutes up to the 10 minute mark.


Monday afternoon, at 2pm, I had the distinct honor of attending the retirement ceremony of MSgt Greg “Buddha” Moody.  If you haven’t met Greg, he’s one of your fellow CFHR athletes.  His retirement was an emotional event.  Greg put in 20 honorable and heroic years in the USAF.  He served as a C-141 flight engineer, and then the majority of his career as a flight engineer on HH-60 rescue helicopters.  He served with distinction in the Desert Storm, Panama, Iraq (OIF) and during Hurricane Katrina (in which he rescued 35 people)…just to name a few.   Greg and his wonderful family can finally settle down together after a long time living apart.  Greg will be leaving the local area.  He will be sorely missed at CFHR.  Thank you Greg for your service, sacrifice and work ethic in the gym.  Keep Living Strong!
The first (and only) photo of the new space we’ll show until renovation is done. Behind the plastic on the left is our existing space…this is the add-on.
The ideas and point-outs for assistance keep coming in and we’re loving it.  Keep ’em comin’.

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