G(ee) I hope I make it, Thursday, Aug 27th

Thursday’s Warmup:

Weekly warmup (as posted on board)
10 box jumps into a deep squat

Thursday’s WOD:
Complete 20 burpees in 1 minute
Rest 90 sec
Complete 35 box jump (20″) in 1 minute
Rest 90 sec
Complete 45 mountain climbers in 1 minute
Rest 90 sec
Complete 30 unanchored ABMAT situps
If you completed all of the above tasks in the alloted 1 minute windows, then you are done.

If you missed any of the windows, then do the following:
Rest 3 minutes after the situps
Then do 50 KTE

Some great words of advice on dealing with the oogles, stares, eye rolls and thrashing from the (as Robb Wolf puts it) “vegetardians” when they see you eating red meat (apparently the scourge of the 21st century) and fat (ooooohhhh, the fat police are gonna come get me).
From OPT’s page:
“My body is the home in which my mind or soul has to live from birth to death. It is the chief instrument by which I act on the world and achieve my purposes. Its state of health and efficiency not just at this moment, but for the rest of my life – will influence everything that I think, feel, say and do.”
J.G Bennett, Transformation
New WOD Tracking Page!!! Starting next week, you’ll be able to start posting your WOD results again in a tracking program. Click HERE to sign up and join our gym profile. There is no cost, and there will never be a cost for this page. It’s not as gucci, but it does the job. It will automatically post the WOD from our blog on to this page (just copies the blog there). You post your WOD results and it will do the graphing and tracking. You only enter in a time or quantity (relatively simple). You can log in and join now if you’d like. I won’t be officially posting till Monday.
The Meger family on vacation—no training opportunity missed!


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