Get up and go! Tuesday November 2

Congrats to DAVE!  CFHR Athlete of the Month, Oct 2010.
Dave epitomizes the heart of the CFHR Athlete.  Not only has he been putting up some of the top times, but he is one of the most encouraging, supportive athletes we’ve ever had with us.  Most people don’t see Dave because he’s usually there at 5am (with the other crazies).   Despite his quiet, and calm demeanor he is ALWAYS helping his fellow athletes.  Nicole and I are so glad you’re with CFHR Dave, and I know your fellow athletes are glad too.  Keep up the great work.  We’ve got a $50 gift card to for you.  I hear the new INOV8’s are incredible. 

Group Warmup

10 GHD situps
10 squats
10 ´╗┐empty bar front squats
3 rounds for time
10 Sandbag Get Up (80/60)
10 KB swings (70/55)
25M Right arm farmers walk with KB/DB in rack position (i.e the front squat position)
10KB swings (70/55)
25M Left arm farmers walk with KB/DB in rack position
10 Sandbag Get Up (80/60)
rest 45 seconds between rounds
First ever CrossFit/Parkour dog?! 
*Warning the music is VERY annoying

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