Gluten and Schizophrenia, Wed Jun 16th

Modified from OPT:

Repeating timer of 6 minutes on with  2 minutes rest, execute the following in any order (see scoring at bottom)

1. For 6 minutes on the minute execute 2 Power Cleans – 80% of 1RM 

rest EXACTLY 2 min

2. As many rounds in 6 minutes;
    15 unbroken wallball -20#/14# both to 10′ (please do these outside…painting inside)
    Row for 15 calories (any damper setting)

rest EXACTLY 2 min

3.  AMRAP Double Unders in 6 minutes

(score is weight used cleans + total complete rounds in couplet + total DU reps)


“Well the good guys and the bad guys, well they never work past noon around here.  They sit side-by-side in the canteenas, talk to senoritas and drink warm beer”
“Mexico” by the Refreshments
A great kick-back and relax summer song.

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