Goals for 2011?? Thursday Jan 6

Group Warmup
Shoulder/Wrist Mobility (5mins)
20 jump switch lunges
15 pushups (slow controlled movement down explode up)
10 Good Mornings with empty bar
Front Squat
15 mins to find a Heavy 3RM
rest 5 mins
For Time:
Ring Dips
Pistols  (alternating)
Hip Extensions

I was approached by Coach Jeremy the other day on the verge of doing a workout that I physically knew I shouldn’t but mentally I wanted to.  After a mild scolding, he asked me, “What are your goals?”.  I thought for a few minutes and remembered what my goals are and how important rest and recovery is for my current plan.  So I ask you all…What are your goals for 2011???  Post them to the comments section and don’t let anything interfere with attaining them.  Be S.M.A.R.T—-Specific, Measurable, Affirmative, Realistic, Time bound.

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