Goin’ Back to Cali!!! Monday, May10th

Weekly Warmup:  Right side of board.  Substitute in skills you’d like to work on.


Push Press (warm up push press prior to starting these working sets)
3 @ 70% 1 RM
3 @ 80% 1 RM
1 @ 85% 1 RM
1 @ 95% 1 RM
1 @ 101+ 1RM

Level 1, use this as an opportunity to find your 1 RM


  5 x Sandbag getups with press at top (Level 2: 80lb/40lb  Level 1, max of: 60lb/40lb)
  10 x unanchored NON-ABMAT situps

What an incredible weekend.  First, a big thank you to everyone at home who overloaded our phones with texts and Facebook updates about the competition.  Next, a very special thank you to Rob, Jessica, Jim and Di, Christine, Alan and Rick for making the trip up to support the CFHR team.
Your Team and their performance:
WOD 1:  “The Quad” — Nicole, Katie, Brent, Jay (5th place overall).  Katie and Nicole set the bar high for other affiliate ladies by banging out unbroken chest-to-bar pullups.  Jay and Brent set a blazing early pace with the burpees
WOD 2:  Snatch and HSPU– Fresh off her honeymoon, Courtney put up an impressive 113lb Snatch while Katie fought from the ground up to squeez out a 118lb split snatch.  Brent put up a HUGE 205lb power snatch while Jeremy managed a 190lb squat snatch.  Did I mention the snatch was done on the grass?  Tough surface.  The team put together 43 HSPUs in 5 minutes for a 10th place overall finish for WOD 2.
WOD 3:  The Sandbag Trail Run.  Late in the afternoon, as the temps were high and fatigue was setting in, Katie, Jay, Nicole and Jeremy busted out the 6th fastest team time of the day in the 5K trail run.  The hills were plentiful and the muddy trail was tough, but we again proved our programming methodology keeps us strong in both short and longer time frames.
Sunday, WOD  4:  The log chipper.  This WOD started with 50 muscle ups.  I’m proud to say that EVERYONE of us in this WOD (Brent, Nicole, Katie and Jeremy) contributed to that 50.  After fighting a cold spell of muscle ups, Nicole put up 3 muscle ups that met the tight judging criteria at the games (elbows locked at the bottom and wrists rotated out).  Our team shined as we never paused at the 250 lb log. Brent (who was calling ths shots on the log) kept us honest by immediately calling a cadence to pick it up after each chipper event (50 muscle ups, 100 thrusters, 200 deadlift). 
TEAM MVP: Katie D.  Katie was the only team member to compete in all 4 WODs.  Her well-rounded skill base, impressive work capacity and indominatable spirit were pivitol in securing us a spot in the games.
CFHR is not a loud, flashy box.  We are not featured on the mainsite.  We quitely, positively and effectively train our athletes in multi-modal athletics.  This weekend was great validation that our approach is working.  It is also validation of the spirit and determination of our box.  Out of the 7 state Central East region, and 32 competing Affiliates, we finished 4th adn qualified to compete on the International stage of CrossFit athleteics. 
One last thank you to Matt Shannon (CrossFit 1776), Sandi, Emily L.and Bill S. for running classes this past week.  It’s rare for Nicole and I to get away, and it’s so reassuring to have such a strong base of trainers to rely on.  Thank you guys.

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