Going Away for "Boom Boom" Ray and Coach J’s Birthday! Friday, Oct 23

I showed up one day and caught Ray sleeping with the KBs

Alright Crossfitters….here comes a double dose of fun! First off, one of our finest Ray Pia is leaving for Germany. Being in a predominately military community, saying goodbye comes way too often. Ray is known very well around the box for his great attitude and free spirit. I will never forget trying to shave his head with the same razor we shaved Dave D’s chest with, thanks bud!

This was J after a looong night at the metro bar. I’m gonna need the name of your stylist.

Secondly, Jeremy is getting another year older Saturday. There will be a party for J. Saturday night starting at the Gordons for some drinks and food. I ask that everyone bring a side dish or a dessert (full of sugar). We will then migrate to the bowling alley for some good ol’ crossfit bowling. Yes, it will be competitive and there will be some embarassment I’m sure. Please email Nicole/Jeremy if you plan on attending. So many of you are probably thinking, “How old is he?”. I think he will be 43. Maybe it’s 34, either way he is old. All kidding aside, Jeremy and Nicole have changed people’s lives with every grueling WOD. Now it’s my turn to repay the favor!
Crossfit WOD:
2 rounds for time:
17 Hang Squat Snatches (95/65) *Bar must travel below knee as in this video*
17 Pullups
17 OHS (95/65)
17 GHD’s
Takeoff WOD:
Sprint 100m take 2mins rest for 10 rounds.

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