Great Week

Thanks to all CFHR Athletes for a great week. We’re looking forward to Saturday. Here are some accomplishments and info to pass on.

Before:  Footfall in front of midline (this is putting on the brakes and adding to injury potential).  Heel striking first (same as above).  Torso upright and nearly leaning back.  This is not how we were designed to run.  Thick heeled running shoes have led the human race to run in a form that increases injury and decreases efficiency.  After this, Jean ran a couple of lengths barefoot on concrete.  He quickly learned that we were not designed to run on our heels.  He put his shoes back on and:

AFTER:  Footfall under centerline.  Ball of foot striking the ground (you can see his heel up).  His midline is straight and strong and he has a slight forward lean to make him move forward.  This is strong POSE form.  He could raise his arms up a bit higher, but it is a huge progression from the before photo


My apologies that it’s turned sideways, but heres a video of Ben getting a muscle up.  His first was last week (missed it on camera), but this is his second!  Great work.   

In what is becoming a trend, Meegs gets my blood boiling by sending me the following article (be prepared to roll your eyes):

Carbohydrates: Your muscles’ fuel
McDonalds and Carbo Loading.

Everyone knows the benefit of carbohydrate loading the 3 days before the big race but even during training it is essential to maintain a good carbohydrate to protein to fat ratio in order to maximize your muscles performance. Without proper glycogen stores, your body does not have the building blocks it needs to break fat into something the muscles can use during your longer exercise training sessions. Without glycogen your body is forced to turn to your muscles for energy which will not help your time and will stress your liver in the long term.

Even when you are on the run, McDonald’s can provide you with some good sources of nutrient dense carbohydrates that your body can then utilize later when you work out. Menu items like the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait with granola, provides 31 grams of fructose, glucose, and galactose, all crucial carbohydrate building blocks that help to form your glycogen stores. The Snack Size Fruit and Walnut Salad is another good choice at 31 grams of complex carbohydrates. Extensive nutritional information is available on all menu items both in stores and on-line to make it easy for customers to stay well informed.


Bullshit is prevalent in the nutrition world.  Never take commercialized propaganda from big-market food chains.  They’re selling what sells, not what’s good for you.  LIVE STRONG AND EDUCATED!!

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