Grip & Core

5 Rounds For Time:

1 x 15′ Rope Climb Ascent (substitute is 5 strict pull-ups)
20 ABMAT situps
20 Back Extensions
Soon after starting CF, we often get the following from our athletes, “i just weighed myself.  It’s been one week and i haven’t lost a single pound.  You promised me I’d get Fit.  You suck.”  Our response is based on experience, physiology and just the facts:  for the majority of our athletes, they will most likely notice a change in body composition (we tell them to note how their clothes feel on them) before they note a weight change.  Everybody and every body is different.  Read the following Athlete Profile for a great example.  Thank you Amie for sending this our way.
Athlete Profile
Amie “The Animal” K.

“I joined back in December, but didn’t really start coming until January, so it has been about six months. In those six months, I am amazed to see the progress. I am amazed at the mental and physical challenges I have overcome. I have rediscovered my inner athlete that had laid dormant for about 7 years since I tore my ACL. It is hard to put into words everything Crossfit means to me and what you mean to me. So, here are the quantifiable results.”

Age: 25
Height: 5’1.5″ (5’2″ on a good day)

Date Wt Bust   Waist     Hips R/L Thigh    R.Arm L.Arm
1/2/09    145lb 
34.5″     29″       42″       24.75″   11.75″ 12.00″
6/5/09    136.2 
34.5″     26″     37.5″      23.50″   11.50″  11.50″

Loss       8.8 lb  0.00    3″       4.5″       1.25″           0.25″     0.50″

“I am pretty psyched about this progress and the loss. But, what I am even more proud of is meeting goals that I have set and setting new ones. My One Rep Max for everything is much higher than I EVER thought I could do. Just a couple of examples, in the beginning, I could just barely deadlift my body weight at 145–now I can deadlift over 200 lbs. I started on the green band and now I can do over 70 pull-ups without a band! I can do a HSPU now, too! (Maybe not technically full ROM, but I can get my head to the ab-mat)”


Just shy of 9 lbs weight loss in 6 months.  That won’t sell books.  The gains in physical ability and significant changes in body composition tell the true story of Amie’s experience at CFHR.  Great work Amie.  You are a constant inspiration to those around you.  Sharing you story with others will help maintain perspective on goals and progress!

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I’m about 1/2 way done with Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint.”  I cannot say enough good things about this book.  The data is as thorough as GCBC (Gary Taubes), but presented much more concisely and at a level all of us can follow.  This is a MUST READ!!!

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