Grown Up Thinking, Monday, July 5th – 100 Days of Burpees DAY 5

DJM + 2 elements from the right side
Crossover Drill:  Sprint/Shuffle/Backpeddle/Crossover Run (watch the entire video to see a clear shot of what’s going on at the end).  Cones are 15′ apart square.  The Coach is Chris Gizzy (Former USAF Academy player) of Zone Ready coaching at a Nike Football camp.
WOD:  This week’s WODs are our final prep week WODs for the Affiliate Team.  They will be form and element intense, but with rest periods. Special thanks to OPT for his guidance and programming.  We’re working on generating maximum work output and fighting mental barriers for short durations.  Feel free to shorten the rest if you desire.
Part 1:
  Back Squat:  3 seconds down, no pause at bottom,  explode up
   Warmup thoroughly, then
         1@ 70% Rest 3-5 minutes
         1@ 75% Rest 3-5 minutes
         1@ 85% Rest 3-5 minutes
         1@ 90% Rest 3-5 minutes
         1@ 95% Rest 3-5 minutes
Part 2:
   Level 2:  
5 rounds (try to finish each round in the same amount of time):
      Run 400m at 90% effort (hold back, focus on staying steady)
      15 UNBROKEN overhead squats (95#/65#)
      REST 3 Min
  Level 1:
3 rounds and scale/break the OHS as required.
Just a reminder that tonight at 5:30, Jim and Di will hold their inaugural WOD at their new box: 
CrossFit Oyster Point (CrossFitOP).  Our classes still go as scheduled at CFHR.  All current CrossFitters are invited to CrossFitOP for their first WOD.
I was honored when James “OPT” Fitzgerald asked me to write an article for his monthly Newsletter.  He and I see eye to eye on food sources.  Here’s the article (published in this month’s newsletter).  You can subscribe to his newsletter here.

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