GW (Gymnastics/Weightlifting)–Day 2

Tuesday’s WOD: Day 2 of OPT Power Programming

Build to a 1RM (one rep max) in the Dead Lift (.wmv)– do not take too many sets to get there, just quickly get to where it’s heavy, no PB’s (personal bests) today…or maybe if the pot is hot.

5 min rest, then:

3 rounds for time:
10 Dead Lift – 115% BWT (bodyweight)
25 box jumps – 24”

Score = weight used in DL WOD (115% BWT) divided by seconds it took to complete workout (i.e. 190# DL/240 sec = .79). Highest number wins. 
Post 1 Rep Max DL weight score to comments

Rob (5pm hellraiser class) had a great suggestion.  Everyone please share your New Year’s resolutions/goals by posting them to the comments section.  It’s great to compare your goals with others and it can help to cage yourself with someone else’s perspective.
Many of you enjoyed the post-workout apples we had leftover from the fundraiser.  This sparked many questions about post-workout food/meals and what is best.  In the first 30 minutes after working out (a very intense workout…not just back squat), the body has the ability to transfer glucose from the blood to your cells without the need of insulin.  What does this mean?  Well, we know that insulin is a necessary evil; necessary because, except for the post-WOD window, it is required to transfer sugar (glucose) to our cells, and evil because it is very lypogenic (causes fat storage in adipose tissue).  We want to limit its secretion from the pancreas to levels our bodies can handle.  That’s why this post-WOD window is a great opportunity to eat carbs–limited insulin response.  
But why do we want to eat these carbs?  Well, once we deplete our cells and liver of sugar to burn for energy (that’s the “bonk” feel you get where you want to die after a hard WOD), your cells will reach for readily available sources.  Fat is mobilized in our blood to burn (free fatty acids), but they are not as efficient a source.  Therefore, you will burn fat, but also proteins in the form of muscle tissue.  If you don’t resupply through carbs, you will burn muscle tissue.  We don’t want to lose muscle tissue (then you look like a meth addict).
So, the general recommendation is that you can eat up to 1/2 of your daily carb intake within 30 minutes of completing your intense workout…just remember to balance it with some protein.   Now, what to eat.  Glucose goes to the cells, but fructose goes to the liver (read–triglyceride and cholesterol  storage).  Fruit = fructose.  Therefore, starchy foods are the best for immediate post-WOD intake.  A suggestion (and my favorite post-WOD meal) is:  Sweet Potato and chicken or Sweet Potato and turkey sausage.  I’ve sometimes added a few apricots or apple slices to sweeten in up.    
Note that i only eat starch post-WOD and I choose the sweet potato because it is still packed with vitamins and minerals.

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