Mondays WOD–we’re going to stay together as a class today

1. 10 pushups, rest 30 seconds
9 pushups, rest 30 seconds
continue all the way to 1 pushup. After completing the round of 6, the rest
decreases to 15 seconds

2. Build to a tough 1 rep in snatch balance. You have 15 minutes to do this.

5 minutes rest

3. As Many Rounds in 5 minutes of:
5 pullups
10 wall ball shots (everyone aim 1 foot above target line)

5 minutes rest

4. Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats: 4 sets (instead of the normal 8). This is just the 20 on/10 off Tabata interval, but the 10 seconds of rest is spent at the bottom of the squat. You cannot rest your but on your calves. NO DYNAMAX BALLS ALLOWED. Your overall score is the lowest reps in any one round.

post snatch balance weight, rounds of pullup/wallball and lowest rep round from Tabata.
We’re now into week 2 of OPT’s programming. Here’s the flow: there are 4 total weeks of this. At the end of the 4 weeks, we’ll start doing some benchmark workouts (Fran, Helen, Murph, Elizabeth, etc..) to judge our progress. This week has some really cool workouts.

CrossFit is about transparancy in practice and theory. There are no trade secrets, no locked-up special formulas. You are paying for access to our facility and guidance. We want you to get what you’re paying for. If you have inputs or suggestions that you don’t mind sharing with everyone, please post them to the Comments section. Or, you can tell us in person or over the phone. WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK. HELP MAKE US BETTER…YOU WILL REAP THE BENEFITS.


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