Handstand (Headstand) Pushup

Skill Definition of Mastery In WOD Scale
1 Elevated Pushup

10 reps with feet elevated so torso is parallel to ground at top Tripod Pushup
2 Tripod Stradle and Feet Elevated HSPU

8 Reps with correct tripod position at bottom and full extension at top Elevated
3 Negative HSPU

5 reps full range at 3-5 second negative against wall
4 HSPU Angled Press Progression

1 rep as close as possible to wall
HSPU Vertical Wall Progression

5 Strict HSPU against wall
5 Strict Wall HSPU

5 Reps
Free HSPU HSPU away from wall
6 Deficit HSPU on wall Strict HSPU starting with hands at shoulder level (use plates or parallettes for deficit
Kipping HSPU should be limited to competition or brief exposures in development for competition

Developmental Mobility

  • Front Rack Position
  • Shoulder External Rotation
  • Thoracic Spine
  • Shoulder Internal Rotation