Happy Friday, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE JEAN…WE MEAN IT!!

In Honor of Bryan, Ben and Matt’s upcoming B-days and Jean and Rosella’s 10th Wedding Anniversary (last weekend).  FYI, Tequila is the official Paleo alcohol of choice:

3 Rounds for Time:
26 Front Squat (95#/65#)
21 Knees to Elbows
10 Inchworms

An inchworm starts from the plank position.  From there, with straight legs and non moving hands, shuffle your feet as close to your hands as possible (your butt will raise up like a worm…if it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong).
PLEASE READ THE UPDATED RULES FOR THE BIGGEST LOSER!  There is now provision for single-person teams (not preferred, but the option is there…not eligible for grand prizes).  PLUS, YOU MUST CALL THE OSC TO SCHEDULE YOUR SCAN…YOU CANNOT WALK IN!!!  THE NUMBER IS IN THE RULES.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, E-MAIL US, DO NOT CALL THEM!

VA State Trooper Jean C. joined as one of our first members; we were operating out of the garage.  He fit right in with Sandi and the early crowd.  In fact, his initial contact to us was an e-mail that said, “I must start CrossFit tomorrow, how do I join?”  Why the urgency?  Well, about 8 months, 50 lbs and 30 cholesterol point ago, Jean wanted to move onto bigger and better things.  He had everything going for him–a decorated trooper with military service.  He aspired to hold a coveted Federal Law Enforcement position.  He just couldn’t get past the Fitness tests.  You’ve seen how hard he works at CFHR.  Many of you spent several evenings and dozens of miles running outside in the rain with weight vests on doing 800 and 400M repeats.  This morning, at approximately 9am, Trooper Jean was notified that he was hired as a special consultant for U.S. Department of Homeland Defense.  This is not a small deal.  This is not a small task.  He has a long road of schools, tests and training in front of him, but he has travelled a long road to get to this point.  Every rubber mat you see in that gym was laid down by Jean and me.  That red stripe was put up by Jean and me.  Much of the work done at CFHR was  done by Jean.  What does this mean?  It means that Jean, Rosella and the girls will be leaving us soon.  So what do we have to say?  GET THE HELL OUT!  WE LOVE YOU, BUT BETTER THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY.  You guys raise the level of intensity and Hispanic vibe in our gym.  Who else cusses in Spanish in the middle of Fran?  Rest assured there will be a large going-away gathering at CFHR.  And Jean, I may even have a shot of Tequila with you.  So give Jean and Rosella a big congrats when you see them.  You guys will be missed.

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