Healthy Gut, Healthy Immune System. Wed May 5th

 New Trainer in Town:  Emily L.
You may have seen a new face observing evening classes over the past few weeks.  Emily is Level 1 CrossFit certified and has attending the Wilkes Olympic Lifting seminar.  She is the newest addition to the CFHR Trainer Mentorship Program.  Emily is an avid softball player and a tough-as-bricks CrossFitter.  The above picture was taken at the 2010 DC Sectionals. 
Emily, we welcome you and Bill to the CFHR family.

Level 2:
7 rounds for total time:
  10 chest clap pushups
  15 pullups
  20 GHD situps
  25 box jumps (20″ / 14″)
  rest 2 minutes

Level 1:
5 rounds for total time:
   10 pushups
   10 pullups
   15 ABMAT situps
   15 box jump (20″/14″)
   rest 2 minutes

This past week I finally got to try out the fruits of 15 minutes effort and 1 week of waiting:  homemade sauerkraut.  It did not taste nearly as “pickled” as storebought sauerkraut.  It was more of a spicy tangy coleslaw.  I added carrots and onions, so that is probably where the kick came from.  Not bad all in all.  I’ll refine my technique keep you appraised.

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