Heavy Thrusters and Pullups, Tuesday May 19th

Tuesday’s WOD:
5 Rounds (post round with fastest time)
10 Thrusters (135lbs/95lbs)
20 Pullups
Rest 2 minutes
Depth below parallel on thrusters (ween yourself from the dynamax ball).  Fully locked out overhead with portion of ear showing in front of arm (pull head through the window).
Biggest Loser Profile:  TEAM PT (Pain & Torture)

On the left
NAME: Jim Koske (OLD MAN n the BOX) “TEAM PT”

FAVORITE WOD: Tabata something else
LEAST FAV. WOD: 800 m overhead walk
HOW LONG CROSSFITTING: as of 5/15/09 (15 wks and 6 days)
PROUDEST MOMENT: I am proud to tell people about my dedication to “CROSSFIT”.  As far as my performance in the box. I have not experienced a moment that I can say, “Wow, I did awesome.” I know I have only begun to scratch the surface of my overall “FITNESS”
NEXT GOAL: extrinsic goal : Improve olympic lift techniques, Intrinsic goal: Compete with the young bucks in the box
MY CROSSFIT EXPERIENCE: I have finally found what I have been looking for, structure and direction in my health and fitness !!!!!

On the Right
NAME:  Dave Durham
FAVORITE WOD:  Filthy Fifty
LEAST FAVORITE WOD:  anything with overhead squats
HOW LONG CROSSFITTING: Since Feb. 13, 2009 (1st WOD)
PROUDEST MOMENT:  100 pullups for time without assist
NEXT GOAL:  lose another 20 lbs
MY CROSSFIT EXPERIENCE:  Challenging, motivating, fun and extremely effective.  I will never return to a “Globo gym”.
The picture of Jim is from his participation in the recent  Muddy Buddy team race.  This year, Jim and his partner finished 3rd (out of 30 teams) in their age group, and 55th out of 1100 teams overall!  This is Jim’s team’s best performance ever.  Here’s how the race works: one teammate runs approx. 1.5 miles while other teammate rides mountain bike trail for about 2 miles. The team then completes an obstacle of some sort such as climb a rope wall or walk a balance beam. They then swap what they were doing. One runs and one bikes until they reach the next obstacle. They do this for over 6 mile track and in the end crawl thru a large pool of mud at the end of the race. Extremely fun race and for a great cause. Money goes to the “challenged athletes foundation” (athletes with prosthetics) more information about the charity and the race is located here.  

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