Hollow Rock & Hollow Body Hold Progression

Skill (click each underlined movement below to view video) Definition of Mastery In WOD Scale
1 Static Tuck

45 second tuck sit with shoulder blades off ground Static Tuck Sit
2 Rocking Tuck

30 unbroken rocks with shoulder blades off ground Hands Elevated Pushups, Feet Spread
3 Single-Leg Extended Hollow Hold

15 seconds in single-leg straight-leg hollow position, leg < 30 degrees Single Leg Hollow Hold
4 Hollow Hold

30 second Hollow Body Hold Hollow Body Hold
5 Leg-Extended Rocks Progression is gradually straightening legs

5 Rocks in Straight-Leg Hollow Position Hollow Body Hold unless otherwise specified

Developmental Mobility

  • Hip Internal Rotation in Extension (Couch Stretch)
  • Hip Internal Rotation in Flexion
  • T-Spine Mobility

Supplemental Work (click each movement below to view video)