Homemade Beef Jerky Recipe. Tuesday, Feb 9th

Jen completely surprises herself in the middle of a WOD by getting her first double under. The only cue we gave her was, “jump higher and think DOUBLE.” Jen just relearned how to jump rope 2 weeks earlier!!!

CrossFit WOD:

Power Snatch:
Warmup Power Snatch thoroughly starting with empty bar. Lots of reps at light weight prior to starting 75%.
1@ 75%
1@ 85%
1@ 90%
1@ 95%
1@ 101+%
For time
100% effort Row 600m at 1 damper setting
10 Unbroken Manmakers (with pushup, rows and squat clean to thruster) (35#/20#)
20 Unbroken Double Unders (or 60 unbroken singles)
30 Unbroken Wallball Shots (20#/14# to 10′ target)
If you break any of the “unbrokens” then you must start that exercise over again. Post RX’d ONLY if you complete each of the unbroken exercises as unbroken. If you break and go back and re-accomplish it unbroken, you can post RX’d.

Let’s compare yesterday’s video of Jay’s Snatch first pull to Jeremy’s powerlifting deadlift setup. Jeremy uses a slightly flatter back angle than he uses for the first pull in his olympic lifts. Notice that the hips still tend to rise slightly at the heavier weight. This is engagement of the hamstrings and forces earlier recruitement of the back and hips. Ideally, this hip rise will not occur, but it is nearly inevitable as the weight gets high enough relative to an athlete’s abilities.


Checkout this great Homemade Beef Jerky Recipe from Alan. We just tried it yesterday. 2 lbs of eye of round roast….GONE IN ONE NIGHT. Good stuff. This recipe is for 5lbs. We backed off the salt and garlic a bit. Nice subtle taste. So much better than store bought. We got our eye of round from US Wellness Meats (free overnight shipping!). If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can do this in your oven. Just set it at its lowest heat setting and cook for 4 hours or so. Our oven goes down to 170, so i’d check it after 3.5 hours.

8 cups water
1/4 c salt
4 tsp garlic powder
4 tsp onion powder
Handful ground peppercorn/black pepper
Boil water to dissolve salt, add remaining ingredients & cool brine.
Soak meat overnight (or as time allows), and towel dry the meat to remove excess liquid.
Dry @ 155F for 4.5 hours.


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