How far can you go? Thursday, Sept 17th

Weekly Warmup (do the warmup in the back area today.)
2 rounds
10 pushups
10 GHD Hip Extensions
30 Double Unders

Thursday’s WOD (courtesy of OPT)
For total distance covered in Meters:
5 minutes of burpee broad jumps
5 minutes of Rowing (Damper 10)
5 minutes of running/walking carrying object (1x 55lb DB men/1x 35lb DB ladies)

from first full row of mats after the entrance to the second to last row of mats is 90′. Each mat is 6 feet long. First 5 athletes will start. 5 minutes later, next 5 start (while first 5 are on the rower). The next heat will start 10 minutes later so the mat area only has 5 athletes at a time working.

“Perspective” by Meegs

“Have fun at CrossFit Daddy.” That’s what my two year old (Abigail) said just before she left the box with Kari on Monday the 14th. Apparently, Abby doesn’t get it yet; CrossFit is fun for her – I on the other hand find it much more painful. But that is life; as we have heard before, ‘life ain’t easy…’ and neither is CF. But CF gives back, and it is not just fitness and overall health – I gain perspective and mental clarity.
There is so much that goes into a 7 minute AMRAP for me: before the start, it is the calm before battle. My heart rate starts to increase and I begin to feel the adrenaline flow…just standing there waiting. I focus on the task at hand, which ultimately, is survival. Maybe it’s not the old school life or death, but that is what you are preparing for and what Jeremy and Nicole have prepped many for: Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, SWAT team members, Police, Firefighters, you name it they have trained them and you for life. CF is preparing you/us – regardless of your job, for both mental and physical challenges– like the shirt says – “Train for Life…” I train to pull every ounce from every day. I try not to ‘just live a little’…I want to live a lot! I have learned to push and deal with pain, to set the major long term goals (get a muscle up by Christmas) and the very short ones (not stopping at 25 wall balls during this round, or nice even numbers, press through the pain).
Yesterday (Tuesday the 15th) Elina did exactly that. She just finished her last set of KB Swings on a 7-min AMRAP: 15 Box Jumps and 14 KB Swings. There were 15 seconds left and she sat down on the box “calling it for the day.“ Then came a volley of words of encouragement (one person’s words of encouragement are another’s harassment…) – “Elina, get up now and start the next round….NOW.” She stood up, turned, took two deep breaths and jumped up on the box, stepped down when “TIME” was called. She didn’t want to do that last rep, but she got more out of that one rep mentally than the previous 6 rounds – it was awesome.
It’s at the end of the workout, that’s where I get the perspective I mentioned—lying there, recovering. Sounds strange, but colors are brighter, things I worried about before seem less bothersome; I survived. That is where there is a bond forged with other CrossFitters, you KNOW what they went through, you KNOW the pain they were going through right next to you. When you both walk past each other and can’t even manage a head nod or to lift your arm for a high-5 or knuckle check, you know the battle. That’s it. Knowing I just took the battle head on is both the journey and the reward, and now that I think about it, my two year old was right: I did have fun at CrossFit.


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