How to Look, Feel and Perform your BEST! Wed, Feb 17th

Bryan initiates the 3rd Pull (pulling himself under the bar) in a Hang Power Snatch.  Notice the full hip extension, his toes are still on the floor and his body is slightly leaning back.  Ideally, he’d already be lower down with his elbows this high, but it’s a relatively light weight for him.

Day 3 of a challenging week.  Hang Tough.

CrossFit WOD:
5 Rounds for time:
  25 Push Press (95/65)
  10 Burpees
  20 Box Jump (unbroken)  (20/14)

Push Press: Locked knees and elbows at top.  Portion of ear visible in front of arms at top.
Burpees:  chest and hips on deck at bottom.  Feet off ground in jump.  Hands touch behind head
Box Jump:  Full hip and knee extension at top (either standing or jumping off).

Skills: Walking Lunge, Knees-to-Elbows
   8 Walking Lunge (4L/4R)
   4 KTE

OPT recently posted his “Clinical Pearls.”  This is years of working with athletes of all abilities, shapes and sizes compiled into a list of succinct, salient nuggets of wisdom.  Several are quite technical and specific, so over the next few posts, I’ll be providing you with summaries of several of them.
1.When you get stressed, the body will convert the hormone Pregnanalone into Cortisol instead of converting it into DHEA.  DHEA contributes to muscle repair and growth.  Cortisol contributes to fat storage.  STOP STRESSING!
2.  Trying to get better or to achieve your “best” (in terms of looks, feeling and performance) without addressing stress and insulin is USELESS
3.  Women who workout 3 times per week, eat better fats, balance blood sugar (and eat more calories…interestingly enough) get leaner than those women who workout 5-6 times per week, eat less and don’t balance blood sugar.

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