How to Shift to a Primal/Paleo Lifestyle. Wed, Mar 3rd

JUDGES NEEDED!  Last Call for Volunteers and Judges for the Affiliate Tryouts on Saturday!!  Judges must have a minimum of 6 months CrossFit Experience.  Events run from 9am-Noon this Sat, March 6th.  Please contact Meegs ( if interested.


Coming Soon!

CrossFit WOD:
5 rounds of 20s on / 40s rest of the following:
  Dumbbell Floor Press (55/35)
  Hang Power Clean (135/95)
  Box Jump (20″ for all) –just a little light music with this video
  Row for Calories

Each rep and each calorie is 1 point.  Note your points in each round.  The round with the LOWEST points is your final score.  Post final score to blog and/or board.

There is no additional rest between rounds, just the 40s after the row.

Skills:  Front Squat, WallBall, running
 For time;
     Run 400M
     20 Wallballshots
     Run 400M
     15 Wallball shots
     Run 400M
     10 Wallball shots

Dr. Kurt Harris’ 12 Steps to Paleolithic Nutrition.  A great approach to shifting nutritional lifestyle…just start with number one and work your way down.  Kind of like goal setting (# 1 by April, #2 by May…)


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