How to Shop For Chicken, Tuesday, July 20th 100 Days of Burpees Day 20

 Katie D.  WOD 1, 2010 Games Affiliate Cup (photo by Alan)

Weighted Pullups:
  3, 2, 1, 1, 1


1000M Row
Score = Avg Watts/Bodyweight (from OPT)

Post: pullup 1RM / row time / row score  (i.e. 140/3:20/2.0)

For example, if I weigh 170lbs and average 340 watts for my 1K row, then my score is 2.0

A Primal Guide to Reading Chicken Labels (Mark Sisson)
This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Sisson and chatting for a bit about CrossFit under the shade of Steve’s Club tent and the aroma of Grassfed beef sticks!

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