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April TAKEOFF Graduates
From Left:  Rose (“Dr Feel Good”), Kelly (“Can Do”), Juan (“Snipes”), Jen (“Oly”), Brian (“Otto”), Andy (“THE Chief”), Zack (“Danger”)
This is a great group of Athletes.  They are now officially Level 1 CrossFitters at CFHR.  When you see them in the box, please take them under your wings and help guide them to the same successes all of you are experiencing. 
Weekly Warmup:
By popular demand:  The full board again.  Add some foam or PVC rolling into the mix.
Level 2:
4 rounds for time:
   15 unbroken burpees
   15 unbroken wallball shots (20#/14# to 10′ line)
   Sprint to end of parking lot and back
   15 unbroken DB/KB swings (55/35)
Level 1:
4 rounds for time:
   10 burpees
   10 wallbal shots (14#-10’/10#-8′
   Sprint to end of parking lot and back
   10 DB/KB swings (moderate loading that allows you to do 10 unbroken)
April CFHR Athlete of the Month:  Elina
Mom of 3, Deadlifting machine and she’ll keep ya seeing straight too.  Elina has been achieving one PR after another over the past few months.  My favorite quality of Elina is her constant academic  pursuit of the things we discuss relating to Nutrition.  Elina and I both appreciate an intellectual challenge and we often “throw down” in the box over topics such as genetics, disease, cultures, religion etc.  Her confidence is unwaivering and her pursuit of excellence matches.  Congrats on your 50 straight Double Unders Elina!  Your $50 Gift Card to is at the box waiting for you!
CFHR Trainer of the Quarter:  Bryan
Don’t let his quiet disposition fool you.  He is always watching you…always coaching in the box.  Bryan’s skills as a coach and his dedication to the well-being and growth of our athletes is tremendous.  He is top notch in the gym and in his career as an enlisted Airman.  Honor Guard, Airman Leadership School and at the top of his profession.  The foundation of our box is our athletes.  That foundation is molded by the watchful eyes and skilled coaching of our trainers.  Bryan, you exemplify that.  Congrats!  

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