I Bet I’ll Live Longer Than You…Friday November 5

Based on the great quality, taste and success of the last group of 100% grass-fed cows he produced, Pete, owner of Windhaven Farms, has 4 more cows he’d like to offer us.  Here’s a breakdown of how it works:
1.  You reserve a 1/4, 1/2 or whole cow
2.  In Dec, Pete will send you a butcher cut form where you specify how you want your meat prepared
3.  Then you pick it up and pay with a check.  It’s that simple.
We are SO impressed with what we got.  We ordered a 1/2 cow for the 4 Gordons and it will last us about 4 months or so.  Here is the estimated cost breakout (cost varies a little based on the end weight of the cow)
1/4 Cow (appx 130lbs) = appx $650
1/2 Cow (appx 280-300lbs) = appx $1300
Whole Cow (appx 560-600lbs) = appx $2600

This averages out to about $5/lb including all steaks, ground meats and cuts.  It’s one helluva deal.

If you’re interested, you have until WEDNESDAY, NOV 10th (THAT’s NEXT WED) to contact Windhaven farms (beef@windhavennaturalangusbeef.com) and reserve your portion.  DON’T PUT IT OFF!  At the end of next week, they’ll start feeding those cows grain.  GrassFed from Pete won’t be available again until next Spring.  So get your winter stash now and freeze it!!

Group Warmup

50M Buddy Carry
(Drape your partner over your back or a piggy back and run to the end of the driveway, then switch on the way back)
25 walking lunges
10 push ups
Back Squat
rest 5 min
Row 1K
50 Thrusters (45/35)
30 pullups

Standards of performance for the WOD board:

Row:  any damper setting.  Rower set on 1000M countdown
Thrusters:  Barbell thrusters.  Crease of Hip must clearly go below knee at bottom.  At the top, shoulder must be fully open (defined as any portion of the ear must be visible in front of your arms and elbows locked out).  Hips and Knees must be fully extended. 
Pullups: Elbows fully locked at bottom (no flex in arms).  Chin must pass above the height of the bar (but it does not have to pass in front of the vertical plane above the bar).  Any type of kip or grip allowed.
One of the most common oppositions to the Paleo/Primal concept is, “but our ancient ancestors died so young, they never reached the age where diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes would happen.
                        Well, take a gander at this (Part 1) and this (Part 2)

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