I Don’t Walk Funny, You Walk Funny…Thursday December 2

URGENT!!!  Please go HERE to petition bill S.510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
Passed in the Senate, this bill now heads to the House where, if passed, it will affect your ability to obtain locally-produced food.  This is the large, industrial food lobby at work.  PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND FILL OUT THE PETITION.  

Click Here for the Talking Points outlining the Bill and how it will affect your food choices.

Group Warmup

800M run
1st 200m 50%
2nd 200m 90%
3rd 200m 50%
4th 200m 100%
5 rounds for total time:

50 foot bear crawl with dumbbells in hands (25#/15# per hand)
rest 20 seconds.
20 alternating in place lunges (10 per leg)
rest 20 seconds
10 push press with dumbbells
rest 20 seconds

Great article borrowed from OPT.

You Walk Wrong

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