If You Eat Too Much Protein Will It Turn Into Fat? Mon, Feb 15th

Weekly Warmup:

4 sets of 5 squats (hold the 5th squat at the bottom for 10 seconds). There is no break between sets. After your 10 second hold, go right into the next set of 5
3 x Walking Handstand or free handstand Attempts
10 x Tuck Jumps (the clap and YMCA pose that Bryan does in this video are optional)
Warmup the WOD movements THOROUGHLY!
In our prep cycle for the Affiliate tryouts, this is a tough week. The WODs will be challenging and tend to run a bit longer. I’ve programmed 5 WODs to allow one for each day of the week (for those who don’t come every day). However, if you come M-F, I HIGHLY suggest picking taking one day off this week, or coming in to do skills instead of the WOD for one of the days.
CrossFit WOD
4 sets for total working time and highest load:
10 x Power Clean (touch and goes…no breaks) (you pick your loading)
3 x Push Jerk (can go into this straight from last Power Clean)
15 Pushups
Rest 2 minutes
EXACTLY 2 minutes after the pushups in your last round:
AMRAP Double Unders in 5 minutes
Skills: Front Squat, Push Press, Thruster, Pullup
15 Thruster (PVC, trainer or empty bar)
15 Pullups
10 Thruster
10 Pullups
5 Thruster
5 Pullups

Rest 1 min between rounds if required.

Thanks Alan for these great pics of the Erg Comp. Congrats to Christine, Rob, Kevin and Alan on their GREAT performances and for representing CFHR so well. Next year, we’re taking a HUGE group down for this one.
Checkout this GREAT interview with Dr. Kurt Harris. Post your thoughts
Dr. Kurt (PaNU) answers a common question: does too much protein turn into fat?

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