Increasing Mobility in All the Right Places, Tuesday May 18th

Courtney In the 3rd Pull of a 113 lb snatch

For time:
  Run 800M
  10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups
  Run 400M
  10 C-T-B Pullups
  Run 800M
  10 C-T-B Pullups

Post WOD, on your own:
3 sets of 15 GHD Hip Extensions (2 seconds down, explode up, 1 sec pause at top)

Hunchbacks can’t decorate the Festivus Pole.
Great work on Front Squats yesterday.  I gotta say the 9am class put in an impressive performance:  very tight form, tall posture and generally good spine mobility.  There is one trend, however, that stood out across most classes (and is very common when  you look at people’s posture daily):  rounding of the upper back (thoracic spine).

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