Is the Tide Turning? Friday, July 30th (100 DOB Day 30)

Happy belated 40th Meegs.  Yesterday was Meegs’ B-Day.   And he wore his proud “Best Daddy” hat for the whole WOD.

Skill Day/Challenge Day (theme = “who’s got UPs”) 
Work on skills (including lifts if desired).

Challenge 1:  Jump From Knees.  Watch this video.  Practice jumps from knees. 
  -Can you jump from knees and land on a bumper?
  -Can you jump from knees with a weight (dumbell, KB, bar)?

Challenge 2:  Confidence Jumps.  How high can you jump?
  -Only 1 lead-in step allowed, but must takeoff from both feet
  -Stack bumpers on boxes for height

Challenge 3:  Turkish Getup
  -Who can get the heaviest TG with a dumbbell
  -How about a loaded barbell?

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