Jack of All Trades

Tuesday’s WOD

For time:
21-15-9 of
Deadlift (225# men,  155# woment
Handstand Pushups
Scale load as required.  Post load and times to comments
Meet Jack.  Jack is a firefighter with Engine 1 in Norfolk…the busiest firefighters on the peninsula.  Today was Jack’s 2 month anniversary with us.  
Jack Before:  overweight, hypertension, size 38+, tired, stressed.

Jack After TWO MONTHS: lost 17 pounds!, within 2 weeks of dropping his hypertension meds, size 34, motivated, alive.  His  clothes don’t fit (in the good way!) His co-workers are asking what he’s doing/taking to get so much energy.  
Jack is one of our biggest promoters.  He makes our shirts/sweatshirts and has done a TREMENDOUS thing by donating special Navy SEAL CrossFit shirts for this weekend’s fundraiser.  All proceeds from shirt sales go to the USN Special Warfare Foundation.  Contact us for info on ordering through Jack (he makes a great product!)
Jack is a dedicated athlete.  He takes his life and health seriously.  He gives it his all in the gym and has made a SERIOUS LIFE CHANGING DECISION…TO LIVE…TO BE ALIVE!!  We’re proud of you Jack! 

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