Kids, Paleo and Nutrients, Monday April 19th

 Friday’s WOD

Weekly Warmup: 
Right side of the board


Part 1:
   Row 3 sets of the following (total of 12 minutes):
          2 minutes at 90% effort
          2 minutes at 50%  effort
Rest 2 minutes prior to part 2
Part 2:
    Run 800M for time  (new paint marks with numbers on right side of road)
    rest 2 minutes
    Run 400M for time  (new paint mark at 200M turnaround point)
    rest 1 minute
    Row 500M for time

Post the following:  
1.  Total meters rowed in first 12 minutes
2.  800M time, 400M time, 500M time

A sample post would be:
Bob:  3253M, 2:58, 1:23, 1:31

Pullup bar Phase 1 is 99% complete.  The last supports will go up Tuesday.  Please don’t use it yet.
Thank you Josh, Alan, Jim K., Aidan,  Rob and Brent who spent the vast majority of their weekend working on this awesome structure.  “Rambo” is a true skilled craftsman and a perfectionist.  You will all be very impressed with his work…and his new Harley.
Robb Wolf answers the question: Will my kids miss any nutrients on a “Paleo” diet.  FYI, this applies to adults too!

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