Ladder o’ Love, Wed Dec 2nd

PRIMAL BLUEPRINT BOOKS ARE IN!! CASH OR CHECK ACCEPTED AT THE GYM. 1 for $20, 2 for $37, 3 for $55 (limit 3). I’ll do another order before XMas.

CrossFit WOD:

Each exercise has a 1 minute window (AMRAP). Your goal is to complete the listed reps for each exercise in that minute window.
Complete the ladder in the order listed. This will be a stagger start with 1 guy and 1 girl starting each minute. The next guy and girl start as the first set are resting prior to the burpees.
22 Sledge Hammer Swings (must be full range swings from overhead)
Rest 1 minute
20 Burpees (chest to deck, clap overhead)
Rest 1 minute
80 mountain climbers (each leg forward = 1 rep…flat back, bring feet fully forward)
Rest 1 minute
30 Hip Extensions
Rest 1 minute
275M Row (damper: guys 9 / gals 6)
For time:

Run 400M
20 Wallballshots
Run 400M
15 Wallball shots
Run 400M
10 Wallball shots

Nutrition 101: December 19th 9am-noon at CFHR. Bring that person from work who’s givin’ you the stink eye every time you eat red meat.

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