Let’s set some PR’s!! Monday October 19th

October’s Biggest Loser WOD results

Weekly Warmup:

2 rounds (round 1 is PVC, round 2 empty bar)
10 deadlift
10 Backsquat
10 sec Handstand hold (try without wall)
CrossFit WOD:
Thruster: 3-2-2-1-1-1
rest, then:
Set a PR in any of the following: (you may try as many as you like)
1. 100 pullups
2. 100 air squats
3. 100 pushups
4. 20 HSPU
5. 100 Double unders
6. 30 burpees

Gabi and Mike L. Crush the Youngsters!!
Check out this update from Gabi.
“Just needed to share some good news. I was never interested in competing until I started Crossfit. Didn’t think I would enjoy it. Anyhow, Mike and I decided yesterday to sign up for the 10 K Noland Trail Run which was today.
Anyhow we both did well. Mike came in 6th in his age group with a bit over 50 minutes. Sad part is, he would have placed in the younger age group. Seems like all the 50 to 55 year old serious runners were running.
I came in third overall for the female Master (over 40) runners in 54.20 minutes. Plus I beat the best runner in my age category by 7 minutes! Needless to say I am excited. I have not been running much….Tues and Thurs our 3.5 mile strolls with the dogs and once or twice a month the 5 K Noland Trail…..Proof again that Crossfit works!”
Congrats on the great performance you two. We’ve got another Athlete update from fast-burner Scott G later on this week. Rumor has it he’s passed the 30lbs lost point! Remember, if you’ve got an update for us, please e-mail us with the details so we can share your success!
A very special thanks to Bryan and the AWESOME trainers (Sandi, Rob, Brent, Jim, Di and Dave) for running the place last week while Nicole and I got away for a bit. We had a great vacation and had the opportunity to workout at a great box (CrossFit Firebase) in Orlando. Last week’s programming (and this week’s too) are all Bryan’s. He’s also got the blog again, so you can blame/thank him for the WODs–looked like some great ones last week.
Preview of: “Body in Spite of Mind”
by J. Coming in November’s Newsletter
Progress comes quickly for athletes new to CrossFit. A whole new world is opened to them–the world Fitness based on measurable and achievable goals. The progress is addictive, and if not harnessed with focus, coaching and an ear tuned to listening to our body, it can become counterproductive…..
To read more, sign up for our newsletter (upper right of this blog). The full article, plus a primer on Shoulder Health will be out in early November.

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