List of Snacks. Fri, Aug 13th (100 DOB Day 44)

Brian M. has shown tremendous improvement in such a short time.  Keep up the work Brian.

3 Min AMRAP of Pistols
rest 20 seconds
As many sets of 5 unbroken CTB Pullups as possible in 3 Min
rest 20 seconds
3 Min AMRAP of HSPUs
rest 20 seconds
3 Min AMRAP of Pushups

Scale movements as required, but still keep track of your reps.  Post total reps.  Note if done completely as RX’d.

Convenience is a huge challenge for many transitioning to a Primal/Paleo diet.  Cooking can be daunting and time-consuming for the uninitiated.  So here’s a great list of Snacks from MDA.  Remember, we want to keep animal-sourced meats as the base of our diet (i.e. meals).  But these snacks are great grab-and-go ideas.

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