Living Gluten-Free. Tue, Oct 12th

Group Warmup (led by Coach): Jump Rope Challenges
5 straight minutes of jumping rope trying to achieve the following the following benchmarks:
   1.  20 unbroken singles
   2.  20 unbroken single-leg singles (20 per leg)
   3.  20 unbroken backwards singles (spin the rope backwards)
   4.  Minimum of 2 minutes working on double unders.  If you have double unders, you’re goal is 2-straight minutes of double unders.
Mobility:  Achilles, heel cord work (stretch those calves!!)

“Michael”, 3 Rounds:
  •  Run 800M
  •  50 Hip extensions
  •  50 Sit-ups (Abmat, Unanchored)

To get a baseline for the new WOD board, as RX’d is not GHD situps.

Post WOD, work on quad mobility

Today’s podcast is titled, “Living the Gluten-Free Lifestyle.”  You’ll often see the “party line” of conventional wisdom say that going Gluten Free is just too difficult and impractical.  Research and symptoms tied to Gluten consumption are almost always dismissed because Gluten and grains are such a foundational part of the modern diet.  To me, that sounds remarkably similar to how cigarettes were treated in the early 20th century.  It was easy to dismiss disease because cigarettes were such an accepted part of that era’s lifestyle.


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