Living in the Moment. Tue Mar 2nd

Amie G.  CFHR Feb Athlete of the Month!!!  It makes me proud, as a coach, when my athletes teach me something.  During our FTBB nutrition academics, Amie was instrumental in keeping me on track and providing AWESOME suggestions, recipes and motivation to the other athletes.  I learned a ton from herby listening to how she implemented paleo in her life.  She has faced some tough personal challenges recently, and she chose the high road in setting herself and her health as a priority in spite of stress.  She has made tremendous gains in health and has lost 20+ lbs while packing on SERIOUS muscles.  She did yesterday’s WOD RX’d (CTB pullups and all).  She’ll be competing in the affiliate tryouts this Sat.  For her dedication, support of others, and incredible performance both in and out of the gym, the trainers at CFHR were unanimous in naming Amie as the Athlete of the Month!!! Congrats Amie.  Your gift certificate for $50 to is waiting for you at the box!!!

CrossFit WOD;
Tabata Double Under

rest exactly 2 minutes, then:

7 rounds for time (3 rounds for competing athletes)

5 Snatch Grip Deadlift
5 Hang Power Snatch
5 Overhead Squat
5 Squat Snatch

Loading = 50=65% bodyweight


“Grok lived an earthy and sensual existence. He was seamlessly of the world in ways that elude us now. As the research shows us, however, the hardwiring is still there. Give the moment – whether it be a workout, a walk, a dinner with the family – not just your full attention but your full physical engagement. Apply all the senses. Be wholly physically present. Imagine what that would mean in the day to day. What would that look like? Feel like? What would you gather or gain exercising – and living – that way?”

-Mark Sisson 


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