Long Distance Pain for JEAN’s B-Day, Sat August 15th

Saturday’s Warmup:

Jog 400m
3 rounds
10 Squats
10 DB Deadlift (light weights, increase weight each round)
10 DB Hang Squat Cleans (focus on full hip extension at top and fast pull under to solid squat land on heels (don’t lose your lumbar! )

Saturday’s WOD: (Happy 28th Jean C.)
Run 800m
28 Man Makers (35/20)
28 Pullups
28 Box Jumps
Run 800m
2 months after we opened CFHR in our garage, we got a frantic e-mail from VA State Trooper Jean C., “I must start CrossFit IMMEDIATELY, when can I start?” That’s all it said. We’re happy that you can’t be with us today to celebrate this B-Day WOD. We’re happy because you’re off training for a Federal Law Enforcement Agency for which you worked your ass off (literally) with us to qualify. I hope you have fun killing this one in the desert. We know how much you love to run!

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