Lots o’ Announcements. Monday, Sept 13th (100 DOB Day 75)

  Ladies of CFHR,  start thinking about THE dress you have already, or the one you’ve always wanted.  We’re doing a photo shoot as a promotion for the Amazing Grace Barbells for Boobs Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser.  We want to showcase ALL the women of CFHR in all their strength AND beauty, because  they are one in the same.  We’re not going to “workout” for the photos, but we will be posing for photos while doing some of the movements of CrossFit.  PLEASE consider being a part of this AMAZING time. We’ll even have some wine to chase the shy bugs away!  Contact Coach Jess or Nicole if interested.

Weekly Warmup:
-Rollout your legs (see video below)
-Pick 1 or more movements from the days’ WOD and warm it up thoroughly

WOD (week 2 of Coach B’s programming)
3 burpee barbell c/j (155/105)
6 manmakers (55/35) (see description below. Some differences from video)
9 overhead squats (115/75)
12 sandbag getups (80/40)
15 hand release pushups (see description below)
12 sandbag getups
9 overhead squats
6 manmakers
3 barbell burpee c/j

Manmaker: Holding Dumbbells the entire time:
  -Drop to a burpee (not 2 pushups at bottom as shown in video)
  -Execute a row with each arm (no pushup between each row)
  -Bring feet in
  -Execute a Squat Clean or a Deadlift to a Front Squat
  -Execute a Thruster to finish the first rep (guy in video does not use hips in thruster…we want you to use your hips to generate speed on the dumbbell)

Pre and Post WOD mobility: Leg rollout

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