Lunge, Row, Dip, Jump, Monday Aug 31st


Weekly Warmup:
2 rounds:
10 empty bar OHS
30 squats
Monday’s WOD:
For time:
40 steps of walking lunges
Row 500m
20 Ring Dips
20 Box Jump (24/20)
Row 500m
40 steps of walking lunges

BY POPULAR DEMAND, WE HAVE ADDED A 4:30pm and 6:30pm warmup time. There are now FIVE WOD opportunities in the evenings. Look on the right side of this page for the complete list of times. PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR THE WARMUP OF THE CLASS YOU WANT TO ATTEND. The WODs (and/or instruction of WOD elements) will start promptly 15 minutes after your Warmup begins. Get right to the warmup!!!! Also note that you will be warming up while others are doing their WOD. Please give equipment priority to the WODers. We will strive to deconflict the warmup elements with space/equipment required for the WOD.
Starting this week, you can sign up for, and log your CFHR WODs and benchmarks at
This site is not as in-depth as BTWB, but it serves the purpose well.
HOW TO LOG!!: After creating a username and password, join our gym (this one does not require me to “accept” you). Once joined, Click on QWK add in the upper right of the screen. Under Category, look for the WOD name. I will start all of our WODs with “CFHR.” You will see mainsite WODs, Benchmarks (1RM) and our WODs. Just look for CFHR then the name of the WOD. The WOD name will contain all of the elements of what we did that day. i.e., today’s WOD is called CFHR: Lunge, Row, Dip, Box Jump, Row, Lunge. Select that WOD as the “Category.” Now enter in your time. Put any notes about scaling in the comments section. Just that easy.
Want to clear up your skin (acne, etc.)? Stop eating/drinking dairy. Here’s a published paper on the links of high insulin load (IL) and glycemic load (GL) foods (i.e. dairy and grain) to acne. This whole week we’ll get into the nitty gritty of the science behind what we practice (get your pocket protectors and graphing calculators out). To me, there is nothing quite as important (next to putting it into practice) as being armed with the knowledge.
And the “A’s” have it!
Congrats to Anita (5am) and Adam (5pm) for winning CFHR shirts by winning the “unbroken Wallball” contest. Anita put up an amazing 100 wall ball shots (14# above 8′ target) and Adam a staggering 55 (20″ above 10′ target). Adam dropped the ball at 55 and had several no-count reps around 30…he had many more in him. Both winners were judged by Trainers (Jeremy judged Anita and Rob judged Adam). The August Biggest Loser WOD results will be posted later this week.


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